Our Darker Purpose contains 64 achievements. The achievements in this game are a significant part of the game's persistent upgrades. Some achievements unlock items and classes, while others earn you credits. The requirements of achievements can be found by finding pieces of the game's lore. While you can complete achievements and use the rewards without finding the corresponding lore, you can't look at what the achievement or the reward was after the notification telling you about the achievement disappears.

List of AchievementsEdit

Chapter 1
Achievement Title Lore Requirement Reward
The Woundwort Fortress The Awakening Complete Chapter 1 Mud (Lesson)

Welcome to Edgewood

On the Grounds Meet your demise in Edgewood

Whispers (Lesson)

A Little Something On Your Nose On Books Donate 100 credits to the Guidance Counselor Extra Class Period
Food for Thought The Broggs Collect both the Gourmet Turtle and the Wandering Crab in a single game Quaffables (Lesson)
Who's the Bully Now The Woundworts Deal over 400 damage with a basic attack on an enemy 50 credits
Playing with Fire Frothy the Dragon Defeat Frothy the Dragon without taking damage 50 credits
Simply Erased Some Harmless Markings Finish off Some Harmless Markings with a chalk cloud Shyness (Lesson)
Can't Wait to Open It! The Arrival Day Gifts Defeat The Box of Nice Things with four or more presents still alive

Line-Cutting (Lesson)

May I Have Some More Cauldron of Yesterdayers Please sir - defeat the Cauldron of Yesterdayers before A Second Helping 50 credits
A Dish Best Served Cold Sudsy the Inanimate Finish Sudsy the Inanimate with his own glacial spike Mercantilism (Lesson)
Afraid of the Dark Candelabra of Longing Defeat the Candelabra of Longing without leaving the light Hide and Seek (Lesson)
Twice the Trouble The Rise and Fall of Queen Cordy Defeat Goneril twice Goneril's Mallet (Item)
Worth! The Case of the Creaking Tower Heal only a single damage with a juice box 50 credits
Apple Polisher The Case of the Furious Chandelier Donate 500 credits to the Guidance Counselor Cursed Art Supplies (Item)
Participation Counts The Case of the Duplicitous Dragon Meet your demise in Edgewood again and again and again. 50 credits
Stuff it in the Locker The Case of the Missing Chalk Collect 35 items over multiple play throughs 50 credits
Chapter 2
Achievement Title Lore Requirement Reward
The Capulet Conclave A Tale Revised Complete Chapter 2 Gulping (Lesson)
Teacher's Pet On the Teachers Donate 1500 credits to the Guidance Counselor Art (Lesson)
Kickstarted On the Founding Collect and hold 40 tokens in a single play through Vistas (Lesson)
You Belong in a Museum On the Archivists Defeat an Archivist Edgewood Plans (Item)
Beautiful in Black The Capulets Collect the Broken Mirror and the Trapstem Roses in a single run 50 credits
Taking Out the Trash The Obsolete Operator Defeat The Obsolete Operator with five or more trash can Broggs still alive Criticism (Lesson)
Like The Back of My Hand The Frozen Few Defeat The Frozen Few without failing a maze once 100 credits
First Things First The Quiet Exit Defeat Goneril before destroying any buildings Extra Class Period
A Scholar's Mate The Disciplined Defeat The Disciplined King in under 75 seconds. Severity (Lesson)
Time Waits for No One Cyndar's Timekeeper Defeat Cyndar's Timekeeper without using a time bubble Regret (Lesson)
If You Can Dodge a Footstool The Friendly Foot Stools Defeat The Friendly Foot Stools Stools without taking damage. Ducking (Lesson)
Thrice the Terror The Trick with the Mirror Defeat Regan three times. Regan's Lunchbox (Item)
Stop! Drop! Roll! The Case of the Walking Desk  Roll while holding the Candelabra Matchsticks and the Fragile Roly Poly 100 credits
Waste Not - Want Not The Case of the Flying Ice Carry ten or more consumables at once Used Knapsack (Item)
Extra Credit The Case of the Madman's Stew Donate 5000 credits to the Guidance Counselor Thank You Cards (Item)
No Pain - No Gain The Case of the Mechanical Vendor Complete a sensitive floor while under the influence of Severity 100 credits
Chapter 3
Achievement Title Lore Requirement Reward
The Administrators' Archive A Moment Rewritten Complete Chapter 3 Vanishing (Lesson)
Fight Me Meow On the Administrators Defeat a feral cat champion Hailstorms (Lesson)
Succeed On Your Own Merits The Gifted Reach the end of chapter 2 without using a vending machine Crowns (Lesson )
Wrecking Ball Your Caring Friends Defeat 500 enemies over multiple play through Hacking (Lesson)
Who Needs Rhythm The Virtuoso Defeat The Virtuoso while confused. 250 credits
Above the Influence The Terrace Escape Defeat Regan while holding max juice boxes. Extra class period
And Then There Were None The Winged Overseer Defeat The Winged Overseer with 10 or more small birds still alive. Revenge (Lesson)
Weeding is Overrated A Leafy Oversight Defeat A Leafy Oversight after letting him absorb 6 or more spores Thorned Clover (Item)
Leftovers - Yuck! The Brick Pile Defeat The Brick Pile without letting any slime return. Sugars (Lesson)
The Healer is No Threat The Malady Ward Finish off Specialist Fenwick with at least four patients unconscious. Emptiness (Lesson)
Just a Scratch Dr. Bloodfather Defeat Dr. Bloodfather with less than 13 health remaining. Hand of the Bloodfather (Item)
Four Times the Fun A Blow to the Head Defeat The Administrators four times. Shoelaces (Lesson)
Consumption Junction The Case of the Rising Lunch Tray Drink 500 Juice Boxes 250 credits
Grade A Suck-Up The Case of the Burlap Patients Donate 10000 credits to the Guidance Counselor Extra class period
Biggest Baddest The Case of the Walking Clothing Deal over 1000 damage with a single basic attack. 250 credits
Once More with Feelings The Case of the Floating Crab Complete the game on Hard Mode Extra class period
Chapter 4
Achievement Title Lore Requirement Reward
The Denouncement A Dissolving School Complete Chapter 4 Hard Mode (Lesson)
The Best Friends Reunited On Caravans Uncover both Goneril's mallet and Regan's Lunchbox Non-renewables (Lesson)
The Honor Roll On Mist Reach the end of Chapter 3 without rolling Foam (Lesson)
A Penny Saved On Confusion Save 80 tokens in a single play through 500 credits
Well Read On Memory Rooms Collect every single piece of lore Cartography (Lesson)
Fool Me A Third Time... A Buoyant Double Defeat A Buoyant Double after killing three Frosty Doubles Fog (Lesson)
Stop Hitting Yourself Better Cordy Defeat Better Cordy without attacking her Scissors (Lesson)
A Rock and A Hard Place The Imaginaries Defeat The Imaginaries with less than 50 move speed remaining Schadenfreude (Lesson)
Not Thinking With Portals The Increasing Danger Defeat The Administrators after spawning 13 extra enemies. Extra class period
Time to Dally A Hole in the Sky Defeat His Natural Defenses after killing 21 spawned enemies. Recall (Lesson)
V is for Victory The Diaspora Beat the game fives. 500 credits
The Speed Test The Case of the Frozen Fortress Reach the end of chapter 4 in under 1 hour Being Scared (Lesson)
Just Say No The Case of the Eight Palms Complete Hard Mode without using any Juice Boxes Power (Lesson)
The Real Speed Test The Case of the Arcing Chair Complete Hard Mode in under an hour Pre-Combuster (Lesson)
Head of the Class The Case of the Pot Handle Helmet Get a ten game win streak Potato Effigy (Lesson)
Victorious Valedictorian The Case of the Administrators Complete all other Achievements ??? (Lesson)

Removed AchievementsEdit

Former Achievement Lore Requirement Reward Replaced By Location
Lights Out The Malady Ward Finish off both doctors in the same dark phase. Emptiness (Lesson) The Healer is No Threat Chapter 3 - Lore 10