The Cauldron of Yesterdayers is a Chapter 1 boss located on Cafeteria floors.


The Cauldron of Yesterdayers boss fight is in a room with four cauldrons at each side of the room (North, South, East, West). The actual boss will pop out of one of them and will attack the player with a ring of knives. The knives will bounce off of any surfaces they hit before eventually disappearing. The knives are the only damaging part of the boss fight, and you will not take any damage from touching the boss directly.

After taking some damage he will dive back into the cauldron and several kitchen slimes will appear in the room. You must kill them before they reach the cauldron that the boss dove inside or they will heal him. After losing around 50% of his health, a second boss will spawn in one of the empty cauldrons. Known as "A Second Helping", it will have a separate health bar than that of the Cauldron of Yesterdayers. You must defeat both to win the boss fight.

Hard ModeEdit

During Hard Mode this boss spawns "A Third Helping" which must also be destroyed to beat the fight.


May I Have Some More

Please sir - defeat the Cauldron of Yesterdayers before A Second Helping

Reward: 50 credits


Cauldron Of Yesterdayers

Students who refuse to participate in mandatory kitchen maintenance activities may see their fresh stew replaced with a pot of 'Yesterdayers,' leftovers from the day before.
While the Administrators note that most students display no adverse reaction after receiving the older stew, thoses who actually eat it exhibit symptoms ranging from simple fever to uncontrollable rage.
There is no explanation for why a bowl of Yesterdayers continues to bubble even when served chilled, or why the kitchens are occasionally evacuated and sealed off when a forgotten cauldron of Yesterdayers is rediscovered.
Cauldron of Yesterdayers (Hard Mode)

Cauldron of Yesterdayers (Hard Mode)