Chalk Clapper
Chalk Clappers are an enemy found on Woundwort floors. They attack by clapping together two chalk board erasers, creating a white chalk cloud that drifts towards Cordy, damaging her on contact. There can be two active chalk clouds per Chalk Clapper.

Leader VariantEdit

Chalk Clapper leaders create a green chalk cloud. This green chalk cloud moves faster then white chalk clouds and they confuse Cordy on contact reversing controls for a few seconds. As of v395, Chalk Clapper leaders are only capable of having one active cloud at a time.

Leader NamesEdit

  • Tabula Rasa
  • The Hudson Duster
  • Ole Smokey

Hardmode ChangesEdit

The Chalk Clapper remains mostly unchanged on hardmode. The leader variant, however, is once again able to keep two confusion clouds out at a time.