Floor Traits are special conditions for floors. After defeating a Boss the player can choose between multiple floors to go to. Some floors have special conditions that vary the game experience. For example, the floor could be much darker, or monster drops could be altered.

Possible Floor TraitsEdit

Trait Name Effect Quote
Wealthy Token drop rates are increased. No vending machine on current floor. The mechanical claw marks to your left suggests a skirmish with one of Edgewood's Egalitarian Dispensary Devices here. Survivors may have scooped up some tokens in the process.
Gluttonous Juice Box drop rates are increased. The shrieks and yammering up ahead suggest that the inhabitants have discovered and pillaged one of Edgewood's secret juice box cabinets.
Sensitive The Player and Monsters take double damage. A sign tacked on the wall says: 'Due to architectural irregularities.. all inhabitants and visitors to this floor are more vulnerable to pain.' Probably a hoax.
Well-stocked One additional Shop can be found on current floor. A sign to your left reads 'For the convenience of our students.. this floor houses multiple Edgewood Egalitarian Dispensary Devices.
Too big More rooms than normal on current floor. Due to a miscommunication between student construction volunteers.. this floor is larger than it should be. Those responsible have been reassigned to cellar excavation duties.
Too small Less rooms than normal on current floor. Due to unexpected absence of several rooms that were here yesterday.. this floor is smaller than expected.
Leaderless No Leaders on this floor. Enemies have less health. The graffiti on the walls looks more sullen than we would expect. This floor lacks authority figures. We expect the rank and file are weaker as well.
Bright Bigger light radius around Cordy This floor is particularly well lit. Well.. it will be easier for you to see who's about to eat you.
Underlit Smaller light radius around Cordy. Experience gain is slightly increased. For some reason.. light doesn't travel very far on this floor. At least none of you will have to look at each other. This is a good environment for learning.
Pitch Black Severely reduced light radius around Cordy. Discount of 25% in shops. The lights are broken on this floor. The Edgewood Egalitarian Dispensary Devices are frightened and providing discounts.
Papery Paper is flying through the rooms that can damage players. Vending machines have five slots.  It appears this floor suffers from inclement weather. The Edgewood Eglitarian Dispensary Device is thrilled.
Haunted Scenery explodes into projectiles that damage player but can drop tokens.  There is a sign reading 'DOOON'T WOOOORRY..NOOO Poltergeist on this floor.' The first three words appear freshly painted.
Power Struggle There are more leaders on this floor, and vending machine items are 50% more expensive. You can't help but notice that the walls are covered with campaign posters. It seems that there are a lot of potential leaders up ahead. Elections tend to drive up prices. 
Burning All scenery is replaced by eternal flames.  We regret to inform you this floor is on fire
Landmarked 100% chance for memory room spawn.  This floor is of historical significance. Please do not be alarmed by student archival teams.