Frothy The Dragon

Frothy the Dragon is a Chapter 1 boss. He can be encountered on The Waking Floors or the Classrooms.


Frothy hovers up and down vertically on one side of the screen and will damage you if you touch him. He will spawn a spreading fire wherever you are standing. Watch for the yellow X that appears a few seconds before the fire and move. After a bit he will spawn lines of fire at the top or bottom of the screen.

There will be gaps between the lines. The lines will rapidly move vertically down the screen - you will want to be in one of the gaps so that the fire does not hit you. Frothy will at the same time fly horizontally from one side of the screen to the other and damage the player if he hits you.

Hard ModeEdit

During Hard Mode the fire generated by the boss is faster and the gaps between the fire that sweeps across the screen are smaller.


Playing With Fire

Defeat Frothy the Dragon without taking damage

Reward: 50 credits


Frothy The Dragon

There's general disagreement about what exactly went wrong with Frothy the Cardboard Dragon during last year's Winter Musical
Most believed that the dragon was intended to remain stationary, that it had a relatively minor role in the production and that red cellophane would have been just as effective as actual fire. Sadly, the enterprising student who originally designed the beast was consumed by his own creation moments before the theater was evacuated.
No one knows where the dragon went after leaving the auditorium, or whether it is still somewhere on the grounds. The Administrators gleefully described the incident as a 'remarkable occurrence that stood out in an otherwise unremarkable semester.'