His Natural Defenses


This encounter has 2 phases, and happens entirely in a very large room with invisible borders. Crossing a border will make the boss roar, the screen shake, turn to black and finally will teleport the player somewhere else on the battlefield. During both phases, the boss will chase after the player, shooting sprays of red paper sheets at her.

During the first phase, His Natural Defenses will additionally spawn 4 circle of rotating, overlapping sheets of paper, one circle in each cardinal direction. These will disappear every few seconds to let the player reposition themselves before reappearing.

The second phase starts at 50% health. During this phase, His Natural Defenses will stop spawning the paper circles seen in the first phase, and will instead spawn a random Brogg , Woundwort , or Capulet enemy about every 2 seconds. Each enemy lasts about 10 seconds before despawning. To get the achievement, enemies must be killed, and despawned ones do not count. Giant, serpentine waves of paper the length of the screen will also weave on the upper/lower or left/right sides of the screen, dealing 22 damage on contact.

Hard ModeEdit

During Hard Mode His Natural Defenses will spawn enemies more frequently.


Time to Dally: Defeat His Natural Defenses after killing 21 spawned enemies - Recall (Lesson)

Lore (Major Spoilers)Edit

Upon first defeat - The Diaspora

As the paper creature dissolved around her, Cordy found herself walking back through the library. She was no longer in control of her actions. There was a crowd surging through bookcases towards the staircase, hundreds of Cordys stepping carefully over the scattered books and papers that covered the floor. They streamed in from each of the floors, covered in bramble from the terraces and stained from the kitchens, descending towards the entrance. Not one of them spoke.

As she reached the front door, she could see that they had ripped down the gate. They were spreading across the countryside, more than could have ever possibly fit in the school, and still more behind her.
Natural defenses defeated

The voices she heard seemed to be coming from somewhere else. Someone was laughing, in a kind of choking and repetitive way, almost like crying. There was distant shouting, and another voice kept saying, "Hold him," and "Test this," and "It's over," but the laughing person couldn't stop.