The Item Log page is found in the Upgrade section of the main menu. It shows every item you've found in Edgewood with its associated bonuses and description. There are a total of 104 items that you can acquire. For a list of items and their effects, click here.

Apple ExperimentMy ManuscriptStudent TreatyCyndar's Time KeyBroken MirrorSchooner of NightmareUnsettling ConcoctionDisquieting DraughtVexing VialBadly Etched ArrowPoorly Drawn Juice BoxCrudely Traced CloudUsed KnapsackFragile GlasswareFragile BearFragile Roly PolyRay's General AnxietyGarbovan's Sense of FearCy's Reflexive DismayMerit BraceletMerit Cut-OutMerit SlippersContraband CandleNecessary LanternHeedless HeadlampEscher's CompassTrust Walk BlindfoldTrapstem RosesCoris' GogglesPotato BatteryFedora of CrisisProdigal Photo AlbumYorick's SkullCookies of DisciplineBetter Bug CollectionShy Stella's DiarySecret Voice RecorderSock SnakeSock ParrotCursed Art SuppliesTerrace Petting FishCat's CradleAnnoying Metal PuzzleGourmet TurtleWandering CrabLobster of ForebodingGold StarSmiley FaceAnimal StickerZelo's SpectaclesAhri's BinocularsEugene's TelescopeDonation CanThank You CardsBunsen BurnerSudsy's Ice TrayCandelabra MatchsticksGoblet of YesterdayersScepter of DisciplineThe EmblemThorned CloverDoctor's NoteHand of the BloodfatherGoneril's MalletRegan's LunchboxEdgewood PlansGhostly MarbleNevermore's InkwellMephi's WickednessVan de Graaff PlaysetSad Chalking of ChalkShoddily Copied CoinDali's SextantHornbeast SteakThe Weeping PlantSharp Pointy GiftParade PinwheelThe Phony SymphonyEdgewood Hall PassElectro-DistorterStolen SecondsRelativity SweetenerNimble MedallionVine-wrapped BricksEver-ringing BellSmoking EmbersFear Flavored Packet2.5 Ring BinderElegiac Eraser???Hallow Day's CallTrick-or-Sweet BagTrick-or-Sweet SackTrick-or-Sweet LootHallow Day PetYule-ish WreathMixing ThermosFrothy's EndDusty Throw PillowTimeworn SprocketA Better YouAdmin's EnigmaNatural DefenseBacker's CoinboxItemLog