During the game you will encounter other students and creatures, (often called monsters), that will attempt to harm Cordy as she treks up the floors to the administrator's office. The enemies you will find roaming around the school have various behaviors that affect how they move about the halls and rooms of Edgewood and how they react to Cordy upon confrontation. Many of these enemies will attempt to attack Cordy directly, others will hang back and fire from a distance, and a few of them will use various other abilities to hurt her. Some monsters have a leader variant which have significantly more health, drop items on defeat, and have special abilities that make them more dangerous. Most monsters belong to one of 5 factions: Broggs, Woundworts, Capulets, The Gifted, or Your Caring Friends. Some monsters however, are exclusive to a certain type of floor, and will not appear anywhere else in the school.

Monster ListEdit

Name Image
Bubbler Bubbler
Tack Dropper Tack Dropper
Feral Feral
Trash Dweller Trash Dweller
Leaper Leaper
Chalk Clapper Chalk Clapper
Collared Feral Collared Feral
Brute Brute
Globethrower Globethrower
Chair Hurler Chair Hurler
Fanatic Feral Fanatic Feral
Reflector Reflector
Levitator Levitator
Swirler Swirler
Vanisher Vanisher
Shadowdropper Shadowdropper
The Gifted
Clankworm Clankworm
Hovercrab Hovercrab
Soundsuit Soundsuit
Teslatank Teslatank
Vaccumbot Vaccumbot
Your Caring Friends
Bulky Friend Bulky Friend
Handful Friend Handful Friend
Hopping Friend Hopping Friend
Mouthy Friend Mouthy Friend
Scribble Friend Scribble Friend
Other Enemies
Spiderdesk Possessed Desk
Kitchen Slime* N/A
Spitting Moonflower N/A
Feral Cat* N/A

* = Unconfirmed name