Some Harmless Markings

Some Harmless Markings is a Chapter 1 boss found on The Waking Floors or the Classrooms.


Some Harmless Markings starts off inside one of six chalkboards arranged all along the walls of the boss room. Each chalkboard shoots a white projectile that damages the player on contact. She will walk through each chalkboard around in a circle. Every few seconds one of the chalkboards will flash and emit a cloud of chalk which hurts the player on contact.

After three chalk clouds come out she will come out of one of the chalkboards and attack the player with a white projectile. This is the best time to damage her. After a few seconds she will go back inside the chalkboards and the cycle starts again.

Hard ModeEdit

During Hard Mode the chalkboards fire faster and more chalk clouds are spawned.


Simply Erased

Finish off Some Harmless Markings with a chalk cloud

Unlocks: Shyness (Lesson)


Some Harmless Markings

Before the adults disappeared, Regan had a gift for engaging her classmates with her popular chalkboard games. While the Administrators frown on most student attempts at leisure, they seemed pleased with her initiative. It was only after several weeks that it became difficult to ignore the odd fates and accidents later befalling those who joined Regan's fun.
While the Administrators poo-pooed initial reports of immolation, disintegration, and paralytic insanity, even they eventually had to order the games discontinued. The final straw was likely the fate of the unfortunate Nicolas Ellenwick, dragged into the wall by spectral hands just seconds after Regan defeated him in tic-tac-toe.