Frozen Few

The Frozen Few is a Chapter 2 boss located in the Cafeteria.

The FightEdit

The Frozen Few appears as a large, stationary Refrigerator located at the top of the arena. Upon entering the arena, the player will be blown backwards towards the bottom of the room, and the fight begins.

The boss has two distinct phases. In the primary phase, the Frozen Few will spawn ice blocks to form walls, creating one of several different arenas for the fight. During this phase, the Frozen Few will periodically fire two bouncing ice projectiles towards the player, which do not despawn until the end of the phase. After a set amount of time, the player will once again be blown to the bottom of the arena, and the Frozen Few will enter its second phase.

In this phase, the Frozen Few spawns a maze created out of ice blocks. The player must make their way through the maze, towards the Frozen Few. While in this phase, the Frozen Few will fire fast-moving clouds towards the player. If the player takes too long to complete a maze, they will be pushed back to the bottom of the screen and a new maze will form. Once you damage the Frozen Few, the player will be pushed backwards, and the boss will revert to its first phase. This pattern continues until the boss is defeated.

Hard ModeEdit

During Hard Mode the bosses attacks chill Cordy, slowing her down.


Like the Back of My Hand

Defeat the Frozen Few without failing a maze once.

Reward: 100 credits


"Rule breakers in the dining halls used to be rewarded with a stay in the enormous Edgewood freezer. Children shivered next to countless cuts of hornbeast steak and barrels of old milk. Offenders traditionally stayed from noon until the groundskeepers came by in the early evening to unlock the door. Unfortunately, a group was already insde on the day that Frothy the Dragon burst through the floor of the kitchen, incinerating tables and snapping at the cooking staff. Weeks passed before the groundskeepers managed to drive him away. When they tried to open the freezer, they discovered that the students had sealed themselves in.

Recent attempts to communicate with the Frozen Few, as they are called, suggest that they have taken up strange beliefs and rituals. Their shadows are sometimes visible through the frosted glass. It is possible that they will emerge by choice, perhaps months or years  from now, when they run out of food. None of the other students appear cheered by this prospect."